The Golden Age Prophecy

The Universal prophecy

Several prophecies from around the World now seem to be talking about the same oncoming event.

The Inca Q'ero prophecy, the Hopi Indian Prophecy and the Vedic Meitreya prophecy all tell of a coming Golden Age.

The final signs have now been seen and, if the Hopi Indian timing is right, we could well be now in the last 7 transitional years. This will mean that the full transition period that we are now in will finish in the year 2024. If we prepare well, we may have a chance to evolve human consciousness. If we do nothing, we will fail.

The legends and visions tell us we must fast, pray and meditate.

The Golden Age prophecy

We are moving towards the end of Kali Yuga, we have started the 7 year Hopi period after the vision of the blue Kachina. We are waiting for the final 4 Inca Malku to appear. One new Emperor Dragon arrived in 2018, two more are due at the end of the same year. These Dragons surround and protect our World and are raising the energetic environment every month. This is why many people are around the World already feel something is happening. They can sense it. They are more aware of the feelings of those close to them, they are becoming more telepathic, psychic, and more sensitive to lies.  

Only we can improve our mind and heart we can take advantage of this opportunity. One of the best ways to do this is to pray or meditate together at sacred sites on the right occasions. We must learn to lose the Ego and learn to Love.