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Harmony time information in 2020

19th March - Harmony starts at 9.00am, lasts 4 days with a 36 hour frequency 

19th June - Harmony starts at 8.00am, lasts 6 days with a 48 hour frequency

20th September - Harmony starts at 9.00am, lasts 6 days with a 24 hour frequency

20th December - Harmony starts at 9.00am, lasts 8 days with a 48 hour frequency


All groups should aim to begin meditation at 12.00 midday

Energy fields

Four times a year all the Earth's energy fields harmonise.

It is on these occasions when the double Torus and Vortex energy shapes can form at sacred sites if the energies there form a symmetrical node.


Sacred sites

There are many sacred sites around the World with symmetrical energy nodes

Praying or Meditating on these places is simple and best done with groups of people. Anyone, Any religion, any spirituality, any atheist can do this together.





Group meditation is simple

Breathe in Love; Breathe out Love

VIsualise and Feel

Hope, Self Esteem, Peace, Joy

Where and When

These harmony times generally start one day before the Solstices and the Equinoxes

They can last for a few hours or a few days depending on the year. 

Some details of where and when are posted below:-