World Harmony Trust

Awakening consciousness towards the Golden Age

Our aims

We are a charity that has been set up to help people become aware and join in with the spiritual awakening that is happening all around the World.

One of the ways we hope to do this by promoting the need and significance of group prayer and meditation sessions at very sacred sites around the World and at very special times.

These special harmony events occur just four times a year.


Energy Grails

One of our charity aims to find and as many of these special high energy sites as it can around the World so that local people can gather at them for group prayer and meditation.

Already several amazing locations have been identified. This is where you help is now also needed. I am sure that there are many excellent energy workers out there that know of very sacred places. If you are happy help facilitate gatherings in these places at the times of harmony please get in touch with us.

Our website will be developing to show these venues all around the World

Grail found 

 A 45 min Documentary further down this page is an introduction to what is behind this awakening. It highlights the link between sacred sites, group meditation, the Knights Templar Holy Grail. For further information please scroll down the page.

The Awakening – A brief description about what’s happening

The Earth, our Sun and our Solar system all rotate in our Galaxy – the Milky Way as it travels through space too. Our Galaxy along with millions of others are moving away from regions of space that have a repelling magnetic effect towards regions of Space that have an attracting magnetic effect.

Our solar system is continually passing through new environments in Space that have variable magnetic field strengths. We are currently passing out of a strong magnetic field that has been called ‘The Local Cloud’.

Magnetic fields block incoming cosmic energy. We have three magnetic shields that protect the earth by shielding us from these energies. The local cloud is one, the Sun’ magnetic field is another and our own Earth’s magnetic field is the third.

All three shields are lowering in strength and more cosmic energies are now getting through to our Earth than ever before.

Greater amounts of cosmic energies can affect us in many ways. It can affect our DNA, it can affect our health both physically and mentally. It has done so over very long periods of time and it seems connected to both geological extinction events and the times when there was a dramatic increase in the numbers of different species appearing on the Earth. These times can be evolutionary on a number of levels.

Incoming cosmic energies can affect us directly as the hit the Earth but they can also affect us indirectly via a ‘transformer effect’. These energies link with the Sun that way and the Iron Nickel inner core of our Earth where they are then thought to be converted into other energies like very low frequency spherical standing waves Sound and Electromagnetic energy. This occurs as our inner core appears to be behaving like a transducer. A transducer converts one form of energy into another one. The patterns these energies then make on the surface of the Earth are made up of high and low pressure linear concentration zones. These have now been found to be in the same locations as the Earth Energy lines.

It now appears that these cosmic energies come from nearby galaxies which emit them as super waves. In the past some of these galactic superwaves have been blocked from reaching the Earth by the three shields. Now these shields are coming down, the energies are getting through and are having an effect on life here.

The first observation is that the Earth energy lines themselves have started to widen after the Summer solstice in 2017.

Up until 2018 there were only six very powerful earth energy lines. The six were found going round the Earth in great circles as three pairs of lines. The powering source behind these lines are energies that came from the galaxies via our inner core.

In January 2018 another pair of Earth Energy lines began to appear on the Earth. They were fully formed by June 2018. When this occurred all the other energy lines widened again due to the extra strength of the energies now getting through passed the shields.

People around the World are already noticing the many effects this has on their life, their dreams and their mental state. They are aware that something is happening but most are probably not yet sure what that is.

Through more research, two more major streams of galactic energy are now expected to start arriving in December 2018. They will be here in full force by June 2019. This will have a huge increase in the effect it has to life on this planet. The implications for this are quite dramatic and some people will find living quite tough because of it.

It appears our ancestors have experienced these sorts of things before and their prophecies have been trying to warn us to prepare for them again.

These new energies represent both a challenge to us and an opportunity if the prophecies are to be believed.

On the good side there is talk of an evolution of consciousness that will take us into a Golden Age.

On the not so good side, we are told if we do nothing, we will miss that opportunity.

In the lead up to these events, we are told there will be a period of transition that many will find hard to endure as our minds will be challenged in many ways.

The new galactic energies that appeared in January 2018 have been found to run from the North Pole to the South Pole. If the Hopi Indian prophecy is correct and their prediction of the arrival of the twins (the God of Matter from the North pole and the God of Sound from the South Pole) is referring to these new galactic energy lines, then we have seven years.

This takes us to 2024.

The time is at hand. We must motivate as many people as we can to come together and pray and meditate on the times of harmony. These begin on the day before the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Thank you for reading this.

For more information, please continue looking at the pages on this website. Please join in with the gatherings in any way that you can. Further information on my own work can be found on my website  The video section there has more details on the shields coming down.

Rory Duff